• INCUNABULA — Bachelor-Projekt
  • Diploma project

  • Format: ca. 40 x 28cm

  • Ever since I made the Lexikon der Inkunabeldrucker the Incunabula fascinated me, thus I decided that I want to stick with the subject for my Bachelor thesis.
    The Incunabula are books that were printed since the invention of printing from cast types by Johannes Gutenberg in 1454 until the year 1500. The invention of printing had extensive consequences that changed not only the face of the book, but also society, education, and culture. The book tries to retrace aspects of this change that followed the revolution of the book.
    Due to the complexity of the subject matter, I decided that it was best to write all chapters myself, as I wanted to break down and reduce what is the enormous mass of information and research connected with the Incunabula period. Thus, all text in this book was researched and written by me.